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At Nook Early Learning we recognise our educators as our greatest asset. We employ educators with a range of qualifications, skills and experience. We make every effort to recruit and retain the best possible early childhood staff to care for and educate your child.

Hiring industries best educators

Our commitment to quality care and education has the industries best educators aspiring to be part of our team. We understand the importance of consistency and stability with your child’s educator and aim to instil trust and routine for our children.

We have thorough recruitment procedures to ensure all staff have the appropriate skills and experience for the position they hold. Nook Early Learning educators are provided with extensive professional development and training opportunities throughout their employment to enhance their skills and keep up to date with current knowledge of best practice in early childhood education. 

We carry out regular professional development appraisals to gain an understanding of the skills, knowledge and attitude of individual staff members. We aim to support the professional development of each staff member and create opportunities for them to develop their proficiency.

Being positive role models

Our team of educators work in partnership with families to provide a service that meets the needs of the children, parents and the teaching team. Children learn from staff behaviour and consequently staff are expected to be positive role models. Staff model a variety of behaviours including communication skills, acceptance of health and hygiene practices and other appropriate behaviours.

At Nook Early Learning our Educators are nurtured and their skills are challenged. We respect the staff’s initiative, innovation and attention to quality, as well as their commitment to the children and their families.

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